What Is Swift?

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Swift treatment before. It’s a new technology, that was launched in the UK back in 2016. In fact, I was one of the first clinics to invest in the swift treatment and it’s transformed my treatment of verrucas ever since!

I often get asked, what’s the best way to get rid of a verruca, and most people don’t want to hear the truth.

Today, I want to tell you about the swift treatment.

The swift not-so swift verruca treatment

Don’t be fooled by the name, don’t expect a swift experience, it’s not a quick process, not if you want the right treatment.

In fact, 75% of cases require at least 3 swift treatments at 4-week intervals. It won’t always be the case, as some patients may require more or less of the treatment.

Each case is different, and that’s how I love to tailor my services, I’ll treat you dependent on your individual requirements, because we’re all different.

Don’t expect to see immediate results, the verruca won’t clear for 3-4 months after the last swift application, in fact I’ve experienced cases which had taken a year after the final swift treatment.


Let me start by explaining how the treatment works. Swift creates a “heat shock” in the targeted skin cells.

The heat shock receptor proteins in the cell are activated and have a ‘reboot’ effect on the ability of the immune system, to recognise the viral particles (Langerhans cells) and recruit the T-cells to kill off the virus.

I have an analogy I like to use for this.

The swift ‘de-cloaks’ the verrucas ability to hide from the immune system so that the body can fight it off.

In fact, I’ve included a Star Trek analogy video to explain how verruca’s hide from the immune system.


I’ll be honest, I’ve undergone this treatment myself and it does sting intensely for a short burst of 2 seconds. Imagine the feeling of a hot needle against your skin for 2 seconds, it’s not for the feint hearted.

It’s not uncommon to feel a tingly sensation immediately after, it’s not usually painful but don’t be surprised if you start feeling tingly after.


In my opinion, yes. It’s not the most comfortable of treatments but data shows that it is 76% more effective, and that’s a much higher success rate than anything else currently out there!



Because of the intense bursts of pain, I don’t tend to recommend this treatment on children, especially on anyone under the age of 14, although I will gauge each case on an individual basis, some kids are brave spartan warriors.

I will have an honest and open conversation with you, I’ll explain how uncomfortable this treatment can be, and if you’re prepared to trade short term pain for longer term gain.


A package of up to 3 treatments is currently priced at £349.00

The treatment depends from person to person. Some may need longer whilst others may require less treatment. I suppose you need to ask yourself this question: How much is it worth to you, to get rid of your verruca?

Swift is a highly sophisticated machine, it’s been a significant investment for my clinic, allowing me to offer the latest proven technology when it comes to treating your verrucas.

Want to learn more about the experience? Check out this patient video to hear about their Swift experience.


Yes. If you’re interested in booking a swift treatment, you can ether arrange this via video or in person. If you’re booking a video consultation, I will ask you to send a clear and closeup photo of your verruca, so I can confirm the diagnosis.

Because it might not be a verruca. I’ve had people come to me with a suspected verruca, when it’s something entirely different.


You’re not alone, what might look like a verruca could be something else altogether. That’s why I like to talk to you first. Have you seen my blog about a client and the verruca that wasn’t?

I don’t just treat verrucas; my industry knowledge has prepared me for anything your feet might kick at me. You’re welcome to contact me.


If you’d like to know more about booking a consultation and the best option for you, check out the blog which covers this and should hopefully provide the information you’re after.


Or alternatively, just get in touch. I’m always happy to help.

Dianne #pottypurplepod

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