Why you need to sort that foot problem NOW!

Did you make a New Years resolution to finally sort your health out?

Are you still pondering on that annoying verruca that still won’t go away?

Is your loved one still nagging you to get that fungal toenail sorted?

How about that ingrown toenail that’s really bugging you that you’ve been ignoring  and messing about with yourself?


If the answer is yes to any of the above, it’s time to act now.

Feet on beach with purple sandals


Why? In 4-6 months time when you’re about to go on that holiday you’ve saved up so hard for, you really don’t want to still be suffering do you?

It’s time to kick that procrastination habit into touch and book in to see me to finally get that ‘foot thing’ fixed! You can do that by booking online here or calling 01925 722577


Do it today so you can confidently look forward to your holiday and bearing your feet on the beach.

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