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Diabetic Foot Check- What to expect

Doppler measuring pulse on foot

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Have you been told to get your feet checked? If you want to know why and what’s involved in your diabetic foot check, then this blog is for you. I want to explain why it’s important and how it can help you… So, what…

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Potty Purple Pod and the Patient Skin Lesion – Skin Cancer Awareness Month

skin lesion on ear

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and I thought I’d share a recent patient story with you… One of my regular patients came to see me recently and asked me about this lesion on her ear. It had been bothering her for sometime, but with the problems that people are…

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Dianne has the Audacity to Recommend Competitors, is she Mad?

Who do I recommend and why? You might be thinking, ‘Dianne, have you lost the plot? Why would you recommend other podiatrists? You are going to lose business!’ IT’S ABOUT PROVIDING THE BEST SERVICE I’ll tell you why… I have always believed in providing the best service I can, even if…

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What is an Ingrown Toenail?

How much do you know about ingrown toenails? An ingrown toenail is when a piece of the nail digs into the skin like a splinter, usually at the front corner of the nail. This can be painful and can cause swelling or even an infection. If you want to get…

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Children and Verrucas

Potty Purple Pod Children's verruca

“My child has a verruca; how can I get rid of it?”  This is a common question that I get asked often, because it’s common for children to get verrucas.  What might surprise you though, is my answer to this… Is your child in any pain or discomfort? Verrucas are…

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