Your guide to dressing your toenail


I will supply you with Clinisept Plus after your procedure to help look after the wound. It is an excellent antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses but is very skin friendly and unlike many other antiseptics does not cause irritation.

I will also supply you with Cutiplast. This is a nice, easy dressing to use at home and doesn’t require any special equipment other than a pair of scissors to apply.

You’ll need to cut a 2 inch strip like this (you don’t have to round off the corners like I do but it’s a podiatry habit I’ve had for 30 years!) At this point you can add a little clinisept on the dressing gauze before putting on the wound.


Spray a little bit of Clinisept on the wound and let it sit there for 2 minutes as this enables it to have its maximum antimicrobial action. Strip back the backing paper and apply the absorbant gauze side (you can add Clinisept to the gauze here too) to the toe as you can see here.

Secure the end with an additional strip of Mefix tape like this.

The wound is now protected and covered. The gauze will absorb any tissue fluid that leaks out. Keep the dressing dry inbetween daily changes and redress it if it ‘leaks through’ or accidentally gets wet.


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