Are You Prioritising Your Feet?

Our feet carry us throughout our entire life, why wouldn’t you want to take care of them?

We may all have busy lives but that’s no excuse for neglecting your feet. You should never ignore any part of your body; it deserves regular care and attention.

Which is why I want to ask if you’re taking the time to prioritise your feet?

A lot of my new patients tend to book an appointment in Spring when they want to get their feet ‘Summer ready’ and need help improving their appearance.

Here’s my tip: Don’t wait!

The truth is, if those patients had visited me during Winter rather than Spring, we probably could have fixed those pesky foot problems by Summer.

Don’t wait to act!

How often should I be taking care of my feet?

That will all depend on each person. Some may require more treatment than others.

Are you prepared to treat your feet at home too? In fact, I provide DIY tips that are simple to follow and can be done at home, because I’m not in the business of trying to get you into my clinic for the sake of it! If I can help you from home too, then that’s what I’ll do.

Let’s say that I’ve treated your ingrown toenail in the past, if you’re someone who habitually picks at their nails, you’re more likely to get another ingrown toenail.

Don’t wait for the problem to resurface!

How can I take care of my feet at home?

  • Do you have dry skin? Then you need to keep your feet hydrated by moisturising routinely.



Potty Purple Podiatrist Warrington - cracked heel

  • Suffering from dry cracked heels? Then try my ‘wet wrap method’, as a bonus I’ve added an easy-to-follow video for you.



Don’t just treat your feet when there’s a problem!

Isn’t one treatment enough?

Again, this all depends on the person and the problem.

Let’s say you have a splinter of nail causing an ingrown toenail, sometimes this can be resolved in one appointment, but this will not always be the case.

If you have hard skin under the ball of your foot or dry cracked heels, these can require further treatment as your skin is constantly growing.

Fungal skin and nail infections for example, can take up to 12 months to resolve, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I’ll develop a treatment plan dependent on your needs.

Dianne, I simply don’t have the time…

We’re all busy people leading busy lives. Let me put it like this, if I didn’t brush my hair every day it’s going to get messier. The same goes for brushing our teeth, we need to brush twice a day for good dental hygiene.

We’re always on our feet and tend to neglect them because they are covered up and out of sight. It’s important to prioritise our health and look after our whole body.

Don’t be afraid to contact me!

I love hearing from my patients, whether it’s to update me on how they are getting on, or if they need any further advice. You are welcome to contact me.

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