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No matter how worried, embarrassed, frustrated or stressed you are about your foot problem, I'm pretty sure I've seen it before and I can find you a solution.

Skin Problems

Plagued by verrucas? Embarrassed by your dry skin or cracked heels? Skin problems are my speciality.
I'll find the cause, identify the best treatment option, and get you smiling again.

Nail Problems

Fungal infections, ingrown toenails, thick or deformed nails can be unsightly and extremely painful. Don't be embarrassed, I've seen it all before.
Show me your feet and I'll get them sorted.

Get Some Advice

Have you got a 'thing' that you can't get rid of? Or something you're worried about or can't identify? Over the years I've seen many things on many feet. I know that not knowing can be worrying so I'm here to provide specialist advice.

Gallery of patients with Dianne Ashcroft, the Potty Purple Podiatrist

People love how I can help ...

Fun and friendly but highly professional. My first experience of podiatry and I'm glad it was Potty Purple! Beginnings of ingrowing toenail but sorted out by Dianne in no time. Highly recommended.

Sandra Odugu

Five stars

Dianne was very professional and did a thorough job on my in growing toenails. She explained how my nails grew, offered long term advice and scheduled a follow up session immediately on request. Highly recommended.

Andrew Skryp

Five stars

Dianne was absolutely brilliant. Friendly, caring and professional. She put me at ease immediately and gave me excellent advice and treatment. I would highly recommend. Thank you so much.

Anna Astley

Five stars

A fab local business who’s knowledge and research astounds us! Diane goes above and beyond for her patients, she really has an amazing passion for what she does.

Woodies Timber

Five stars

After one session, my previously thick, unsightly toe nails now look and (more importantly) feel so much better. Dianne explained the cause of my nail problems and how she could deal with them. If you have similar problems, look no further, I highly recommend Lane Ends. And Dianne is very professional and a lovely lady.

Will Morgan

Five stars

Went to see Dianne about a week ago, limped in and danced out. She did a wonderful job on my feet. Thank you.

Wayne Maurice

Five stars

Dianne is such an amazing woman! Doesn’t shy away from a problem and is always willing to help and comfort you to make you feel good about whatever your problem may be. I was uneasy and slightly scared walking in, but during my time I almost dozed off in the chair and felt like I was having a chat with someone I’d known all my life!! Highly recommend and will definitely be back if I have any other problems.

Kayleigh Bates

Five stars

Sitting is the new smoking

Not being mobile is the fast track to physical and mental decline and foot pain is a big cause of immobility.

So if you're struggling to do the things you love, your job, or just things around the house, because of foot pain or problems with your legs, I'm here to get you moving again.

I want to get you back on the dance floor, walking your dog or doing the shopping, because I know it's so important for your health.

Potty Purple Podiatrist Warrington - Hula hooping at bus stop