How to Fix Dry Cracked Heels

Advice for cracked heels

It doesn’t take much nice weather for us Brits to reach for the sandals and holiday shoes does it? Maybe this burst of sun has got you thinking about getting them out of the wardrobe and dusting them off? But, you’re scared of what’s lurking under your winter fluffy socks and slippers. Have you looked after your feet this winter? Have you even looked at them the last few months? Or like your summer sandals, have they been hidden away and forgotten about?

We get winter ready, why not summer?

Around November-time every year, there’s adverts on TV and campaigns by our garages to get our cars ‘Winter Ready’. Warnings to get treads checked, swap for winter tyres, top up the antifreeze, and put supplies in the boot in-case of a breakdown. Now, imagine if we put as much time and preparation into looking after our winter feet as we do our cars! How good would it be to get control of your dry cracked heel problems long before ditching the winter tyres and opening that sunroof!

One of my favourite methods to keep heels tip-top is the ‘Wet Wrap’ method.

It’s easy to do at home and super effective! It is absolutely ideal for getting those dry, cracked heels sorted and baby soft. There’ll be no more scraping your shins with the rough skin on them as you turn over each night in bed. What a dream! Here is how in a step by step video:


Want to try the wet wrap method? Here is what you will need:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Urea cream (10-20%)

Step 1 – Soak the heel of one sock in some warm water. Squeeze out the excess leaving you with a soggy heel and in-step area.

Step 2 – Rub the urea cream into your heel, smooth on ensuring even coverage

Step 3 – Put the wet sock on first, followed by the dry sock. Leave on and wear overnight to let all the good stuff do it’s magic!

Yes, you may feel a little daft wearing socks to bed. And yes, you may find it a hassle adding this to your evening routine. But it really does work! Give it a go, let me know how you’re getting along. If you get into a good routine of doing this once a week you might not even need to book a proper appointment to see me! Of course, if it keeps coming back or you’re having problems I’m always here and happy to help!

Remember we have online booking available so you can book at your convenience (even 3am, if that’s what you want!)

Till next time, hugz

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