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So grateful to be back in the clinic!

From the 15th June 2020

Dianne Ashcroft, the Potty Purple PodFirstly, I hope that you’re all well and in good spirits! It is such a relief to tell you that I got back in the clinic for face to face consultations from 15th of June 2020.

I can’t wait to see each and every one of you! I am afraid we won’t be able to share a hug until a vaccine has been found and although this makes me extremely sad, our mutual safety is my priority!

Clinic safety

Speaking of safety, I worked hard to ensure that all of the correct PPE, risk assessments and plans were in place ready for reopening.

Going forward, things will be very different here! The clinic will be operating in accordance with the government guidelines and taking extra precautionary measures to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable while they’re visiting.

Covid19 precautions

In order to minimise your exposure to the virus, and mine here’s what we’re going to do:

-I have invested in an air purifier which filters out spores and germs in an extra effort to decontaminate the clinic room air.

– Appointments will be 1 hour intervals to allow for cleaning of any exhaled droplets from surfaces and for the air purifier to cleanse the air with additional time spacing to prevent any patient crossover in the welcome area.

– The driveway will be available for you to park. You will be called in directly from your car to avoid using the waiting area. Doors will be held for you to minimise surface contact and exposure to any germs. I explain more about parking arrangements here.

-Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use upon arrival into the clinic, and as you leave.

-In order to minimise unnecessary touchpoints, all payments will be received in advance and electronically. This is to minimise the risk that comes from handling cash/terminals while in the clinic.

-Of course, please do not come into the clinic if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Coronavirus. Contact the clinic on 01925722577 to reschedule your appointment.

PPE and masks

Dianne Ashcroft, the Potty Purple Pod in PPEThe service provided will still be exceptional! Operating slightly differently will help to keep this nasty virus at bay! I will be wearing more PPE, I need you to wear a face-covering which covers your nose and mouth for the duration of your visit. If you don’t have your own then I am happy to provide you with one. This video explains why this is necessary.

Its still me smiling behind the PPE!

For my hearing impaired clients:

Some of my hearing impaired clients rely on seeing my mouth to ‘hear’ me, so I have invested in a new ipad and app that transcribes what we say to each other in real time. Hopefully clear window masks will help in the future! If you have any other ideas on how I can help or facilitate, please do get in touch and let me know!

Due to the additional costs of PPE, reduced capacity and the additional time required in compulsory social distancing measures, fees have been unavoidably impacted. Making sure the business remains solvent, keeping you safe and continuing to offer the high-quality service – continues to be my priority.

Video Consultations

These have proved invaluable whilst I haven’t been able to operate in the clinic. You can still see me for as little as £39 via video. During #lockdown I have helped people remotely with skin rash conditions like athletes foot, cracked heels and foot pain problems. Video consultations are safe, convenient and relevant for any new patients as I can  help them initially remotely, and arrange an appointment if/when they need my hands-on care later on.  Video consultations are here to stay.

Lets get through this

By sticking together, following the guidelines put in place we WILL get through this. We WILL be able to have a hug together in the future. Thank you for your continued support. Looking forward to both seeing and helping you get your feet fixed very soon!

Virtual Hugz

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