Dianne has the Audacity to Recommend Competitors, is she Mad?

Who do I recommend and why?

You might be thinking, ‘Dianne, have you lost the plot? Why would you recommend other podiatrists? You are going to lose business!’


I’ll tell you why…

I have always believed in providing the best service I can, even if that means it’s not me giving that service.

Most people know that my area of expertise is primarily skin and nail problems, BUT sometimes people come to me because they have heel pain or some sort of musculoskeletal problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to give my best shot on diagnosis, I do diagnose foot problems after all!


 I don’t see them as competitors, they’re colleagues.

We all have a range of skills that we use to help people with their foot problems, we have the same interest: helping you.

My priority is helping you to get your foot problem fixed in the most effective way possible.

Which is why I might refer you to someone who is a specialist in that area. After all, my main priority is helping you any way I can.


If you need ongoing rehabilitation exercises…

I’m probably not the best person to help with the ongoing rehabilitation exercises that might be needed to fix the problem.

Especially if someone is a keen runner or athlete.

That’s why I want to recommend these podiatrists who are experts in this field, and people I know well.

With the added bonus: they all offer video consultations, so don’t worry if you’re struggling to travel.

Plus, just like myself, they all care about the person behind the foot.

That’s why I recommend:


Andrew Ayres of Ayres Health.

Andrew is a keen walker and runner, so if you need ongoing rehabilitation…then he’s someone who will understand what you’re likely going through.

If you’ve visited my clinic and want to work with someone closer, Ayres Health is based in Congleton. Don’t worry if you can’t travel though, as Andrew offers video consultations too.

Andrew specialises in treating injuries to the foot, ankle, and leg. He can help with your foot or leg injury and help you back on your feet.

Andrew has a special interest in running injury but can help anyone with a foot or leg injury return to activity.

​Website: https://www.ayreshealth.co.uk/


Tim Veysey-Smith of Active Podiatry

Tim is another fan of the outdoors, with a passion for running and hiking and helping you get back on your feet.

In case it wasn’t clear from the name, Active Podiatry is about helping runners and active people. Though he is more than happy to help anyone, whether you climb mountains or prefer to binge-watch Netflix.

Website: https://www.activepodiatry.co.uk/


Nick Knight at NK Active

Nick is a hockey player and London Olympic Podiatrist, so, you can bet he’s active!

NK Active take a holistic approach to everything they do, looking at your daily activity levels and lifestyle habits.

In the nicest way possible…. their ultimate aim is for you to never have to see them again. They want to give you the tools and techniques to help manage your wellbeing.

Website: nkactive.co.uk

Podiatric Surgeon Lee Murphy.

What if you need foot surgery or steroid injection therapy? Not only does Lee do your usual bunion surgery, but also those tricky curled back toes. The more delicate and intricate the procedure, the more he loves doing it and getting the results his patients want!

He recently helped a lady I referred to him who had an unusually shaped big toe bone that pointed upwards and was making her nail lift off… fascinating to see on X-Ray! (Lee- We really should write that case study up one day!)


And last but not least…

Janice Cooper!

Janice may not have a website, but she is someone I have worked closely with in the past.

She’s a trusted friend and colleague who offers house calls, so if you’re unable to visit a clinic, Janice is an expert podiatrist who will come out to you instead.

You can get in touch with Janice by phone: +44 7713 149883




I could be cheeky and include myself as a recommendation, of course I would want to recommend myself!

But that’s not up to me, that’s up to you.

If you have worked with me now or in the past, I would love to hear your feedback! Get in touch and let me know!

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