Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment: A Game-Changer

Have you heard about Swift microwave verruca treatment? It’s a revolutionary method that’s changing the way we approach the treatment of verrucas and warts. But first, let’s dive into what Swift treatment really is. Swift uses microwave technology to target and treat verrucas by stimulating the immune system. It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure that’s been…

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Why you need to sort that foot problem NOW!

Barefoot on grass

Did you make a New Years resolution to finally sort your health out? Are you still pondering on that annoying verruca that still won’t go away? Is your loved one still nagging you to get that fungal toenail sorted? How about that ingrown toenail that’s really bugging you that you’ve been ignoring  and messing about…

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Children and Verrucas

Potty Purple Pod Children's verruca

“My child has a verruca; how can I get rid of it?”  This is a common question that I get asked often, because it’s common for children to get verrucas.  What might surprise you though, is my answer to this… Is your child in any pain or discomfort? Verrucas are a harmless skin virus, they…

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What Is Swift?

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Swift treatment before. It’s a new technology, that was launched in the UK back in 2016. In fact, I was one of the first clinics to invest in the swift treatment and it’s transformed my treatment of verrucas ever since! I often get asked, what’s the…

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A Verruca Success Story

Verrucas before treatment

Lea’s verrucas before treatment I expect you have landed here because you are sick and tired of trying to shift that embarrassing, ugly, painful, lumpy verruca, yes? Let me guess, you have tried ‘everything’, from duct tape, bazooka gel and that freezing stuff you can get in the pharmacy and none of it has worked,…

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