A Verruca Success Story

Verrucas before treatment

Lea's verrucas before treatment

I expect you have landed here because you are sick and tired of trying to shift that embarrassing, ugly, painful, lumpy verruca, yes?

Let me guess, you have tried ‘everything’, from duct tape, bazooka gel and that freezing stuff you can get in the pharmacy and none of it has worked, how am I doing so far?

It’s got you so frustrated that you thought you would look up what other solutions there might be out there, am I right?

OK, I know a thing or two about verrucas, (having dealt with them for the best part of 30 years) and there are a few misconceptions out there so let me share a few facts right off the bat:

  • They are incredibly common (especially in children when they start barefoot activities like swimming)
  • They can be easily misdiagnosed if you don’t know what you are looking for (I had one patient whose verruca turned out to be a wire splinter see this blog…)
  • They are a HARMLESS skin virus (no one ever died of a verruca), but they are still very annoying.
  • Some can last for years, here is a pic of one that’s been there 30 years.

But you want to see some success stories, don’t you?

Verrucas after treatment

Lea's verrruca after treatment

These are the before and after pics of Lea (she doesn’t mind me sharing her story and identity with you). She had her verrucas for 10 years, she tried everything (just like you), they were sore, unsightly and she wanted them gone.

She had 2 courses of my “Swift” microwave therapy and they went, for good. If you don’t believe me, have a listen to the audio clip where Lea tells you herself all about it.  Essentially, she says “It was definitely worth it”.

As one of the first practices in the country to get Swift when it came on the market in October 2016, I’ve got a lot of experience using it and data that shows success in over 75% of cases. Nothing is 100% guaranteed with pesky viruses and verrucas are no exception, but Swift has the best success in current published studies.

Want to know more?

Read my blogs on verrucas here.

Want to know if Swift might be the solution for you?

Why not book a video consultation with me where we can check your diagnosis and explore all your treatment options to find what could work for you?

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