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A Verruca Success Story

Verrucas before treatment

I expect you have landed here because you are sick and tired of trying to shift that embarrassing, ugly, painful, lumpy verruca, yes? Let me guess, you have tried ‘everything’, from duct tape, bazooka gel and that freezing stuff you can get in the pharmacy and none of it has…

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Ingrown Toe Nails Explained

A graphic showing an ingrown toe nail

Ingrown toe nail – what is it? An ingrown toe nail can be really painful and happens when a splinter of nail penetrates the skin, usually at the front corner of the toe nail, this allows bacteria to get in causing an infection.  The toe gets inflamed, swells up, goes…

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Thick Bendy Toenails

A podiatry patient with thick, bendy problem toenails.

When people ring me up and ask how much is it to “just” get their nails cut, I wonder if they think “just” how complicated they can be sometimes? One of the important things I need to bear in mind when I’m cutting thickened nails is, where are the blood…

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Can Antibiotics Cure An Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown toenail

Let’s talk about antibiotics and ingrown toenails and answer some of your frequently asked questions about it. Can antibiotics cure an ingrown toenail? The answer is no, they can’t! An ingrown toenail is caused by a splinter of nail penetrating the skin, acting as a foreign body. That’s what setting…

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Potty Purple Pod’s Spin On Strictly Come Dancing 2019

Dianne Ashcroft, Podiatrist ready for Strictly Come Dancing

More than half way through the 2019 season of  Strictly Come Dancing  with the Blackpool episode behind us isn’t it incredible! The standards really do get better and better every year. I’m honestly blown away by how quickly everyone is improving and becoming dancers before our eyes! I’d love to…

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