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Appointments & Prices

The front door at Lane Ends Podiatry, Warrington

How do I book an appointment with the Potty Purple Pod and what’s the best option for me? How about we start with a consultation…. Whatever your problem, from cracked heels, ingrown toenails to verruca’s…how can Potty Purple Pod help? Let me just start by first saying this…. not all…

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Potty Purple Pod is Back

Dianne Ashcroft, the Potty Purple Pod in PPE

So grateful to be back in the clinic! From the 15th June 2020 Firstly, I hope that you’re all well and in good spirits! It is such a relief to tell you that I got back in the clinic for face to face consultations from 15th of June 2020. I…

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‘Yucky’ Toenails

nail before reconstruction

“Manky” or “Yucky”toe nail – You won’t find these terms in a text book, but its what people often refer to their nails as when they describe them to me when I ask them about what is bothering them that they want my help with. Often what they mean is…

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A Verruca Success Story

Verrucas before treatment

I expect you have landed here because you are sick and tired of trying to shift that embarrassing, ugly, painful, lumpy verruca, yes? Let me guess, you have tried ‘everything’, from duct tape, bazooka gel and that freezing stuff you can get in the pharmacy and none of it has…

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Ingrown Toe Nails Explained

A graphic showing an ingrown toe nail

Ingrown toe nail – what is it? An ingrown toe nail can be really painful and happens when a splinter of nail penetrates the skin, usually at the front corner of the toe nail, this allows bacteria to get in causing an infection.  The toe gets inflamed, swells up, goes…

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