How can Warm Wax Therapy help me?

Dianne Ashcroft treating a patient with warm wax therapyAre you suffering with dry cracked heels, aching stiff joints or soreness in your feet?  Warm Wax Therapy can help you. A luxurious feeling treatment, utilising the soothing and softening properties of heated paraffin wax. Your painful, aching joints are eased and irritated chilblains are pacified by gently applying warm wax to the skin. Wax retains heat and when in contact with skin helps to moisturise and re-hydrate it. Some people say it feels like having a facial treatment on your feet.

Is Warm Wax Therapy new?

No, warm wax therapy its been in use for many years and with positive results shown in the research. But, the method of use has changed compared to when I trained over 27 years ago.

Quick story:-

When I was a Salford podiatry student (back in the late 80’s!), the clinic I trained in had a large tank of heated paraffin wax.  The tank heater was permanently left on because it took hours to melt the litres of wax inside it! We had volunteer patients in those days who came into the clinic to have various therapies applied to them by the student podiatrists. People (patients) with sore foot joints came in and were seated in front of the liquid wax tank.  The student gently lifted and lowered the patients foot in and out of the liquefied wax “dipping style” to apply several coats of wax. After 10 minutes cooling time the wax was peeled off and put back in the tank to re melt. (We students used to make a right mess on the floor and have to clean it up afterwards!) Anyway:-

The warmth from the wax would ease the joints and release some of the foot stiffness, the patients loved it!  With the rise in antibiotic resistance, new cross infection control measures  were brought in.  They focused on introducing ‘single use’ policies which meant it was no longer a practical piece of kit, so it fell out of use. Could you imagine now: heating large quantities of wax to use once and then just throw away, it wouldn’t be a cost effective or environmentally friendly strategy for a training environment would it?

So, how are we doing Warm Wax Therapy differently in clinic now? 

No more “multi dipping”

Dianne Ashcroft with a warm wax therapy slipper

Out with ‘multi dipping’ and in with our new, creatively thought out ‘single use, wax slipper’ effect delivery method.  Our new system means  we can reduce waste and impact on the environment by using just a single cup of wax.   The result is just as beneficial as the old “dipping” method was but without the mess and waste.

After applying the warm wax therapy, we need to retain the heat, by wrapping a warm towel around your foot (purple of course!)  The soothing wax continues to ease away the deeper aches and strains for 5-10 minutes – until it cools. We then ease off the ‘wax slipper’ as a complete unit, thus leaving the foot feeling soothed and soft.

The smooth soft skin results amazed even me!

Clients who have tried it so far have given me some stunning feedback as you can see below.

Here is what people said:- 

  • “Amazing and very relaxing, feet were lovely and soft after.
  • Amazing, made my feet very soft.
  • Lovely and warm on my very cold feet
  • It felt really nice and left my feet feeling lovely and smooth.
  • Different, made your feet warm.”

Ask yourself, how are your feet feeling today?

  • Beach fit, or in need of a pre holiday condition treatment?
  • Are your heels rough, dry and cracking?
  • What about all your efforts with a pumice stone on that hard skin? Is it working for you?
  • How confident do you feel to wear your favorite sandals knowing your skin isn’t letting you down?
  • Are you ready to try the soothing slipper, warm wax therapy experience to get your feet in tip top condition?

What are you waiting for? Just give us a call on 01925 722577 or book online here , Janice and I cant wait to give your feet the treat they deserve here at Lane Ends Podiatry.  😆 

Until next time

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