Thick Bendy Toenails

A podiatry patient with thick, bendy problem toenails.When people ring me up and ask how much is it to “just” get their nails cut, I wonder if they think “just” how complicated they can be sometimes?

One of the important things I need to bear in mind when I'm cutting thickened nails is, where are the blood vessels underneath them?

Sometimes, especially with a “pincer nail” there is a tuft of flesh underneath it with a blood supply very close to the surface.  If you have nails like this I expect you have drawn blood a few times when trying to cut them!

I have multiple advantages when it comes to cutting thick or curved nails that you don't have:

1.  I have an excellent LED light with magnification lens that enables me to see exactly what I'm working on close up.

2.  With my hydraulic chair I can get a great treatment position and much closer to your toenails than you can  (indeed I can get much closer to your toenails than I can my own!).

3.  I make sure that I invest in having exactly the right equipment to be able to tackle nails like this comfortably (in this instance I used my fine wet spray rotating file which enables me to file away the thickness without generating any heat or discomfort whilst doing it).

4.  After doing this job for 30 years now, I've seen every shape of nail you can imagine and I've got a few strategies and skills up my sleeve to deal with even the most awkward ones.

So why are you still struggling to cut your own or your loved ones thick bendy toe nails?

Why not book in, come and sit in my lovely purple clinic and let me take care of them. I'll make it look easy and you're going to skip out afterwards.


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