Crowdfunding for Tommy

This blog isn’t about me, my Podiatry practice or even feet directly for that matter, its about Crowdfunding for Tommy.

More importantly, my mission to help Crowdfunding for Tommy: get him to Indianapolis in November 2018 to bring the coaching skills of  Rock Steady Boxing back here to the UK.  Then he can help people overcome the un-glamorous aspects of Parkinsons disease and live better quality lives.

What is Parkinsons?

Its a medical condition that causes tremors, shaking muscles, affects balance and speech that gets steadily worse over time. Not nice eh? Be good to slow that down if possible wouldn’t it? But how?

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing, a new,  non contact exercise program that gives hope for people with Parkinsons disease.

Who is this ‘Tommy’?

TommyTommy O’Connor, my ‘old’ bootcamp coach, diagnosed with Parkinsons 6years ago. An ex army boxing champion, do you think he is just going to roll over and surrender? Not a chance! He is fighting back against it, hard!

Tommy is on a mission to bring the techniques of Rock Steady Boxing back here to the UK. He wants to help other people fight back against the progression of this disease. Tommy is living proof that fitness, strength training and exercise can stave off that degeneration.

Rock Steady Boxing teaches vigorous movement to target agility, acuity and good hand /eye co-ordination. This stimulates the brain to respond and slow down the disease progression. Sound good to you?

Yes, me too, that why Im going all out in August/September 2108 to help him crowdfund £5K in 8 weeks! Yes thats right, we are on a mission!

We (yes you and I) have to get him to Indianapolis, USA for the next coach training event in November 2018 so he can learn these skills. A tough goal?  Sure it is, but the sooner he learns, the sooner he can bring the benefits of Rock Steady Boxing back here to help the people of Warrington, Widnes, St Helens, Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester & beyond. Outside Scotland no one is doing this yet in the UK, lets fix that! Our Parkinsons people deserve it, lets get it over here so they can live better sooner!

The goal of £5K in 8 weeks isn’t going to be easy, but together, we can do it team! Tally Ho! I’m in, lets go!

How can I help?

Want to help too?  Donate here 🙂  We are tremendously grateful even if you can just spare a pound, thank you for doing that. xxxxxxxx

Follow the journey on the the Facebook page or Instagram for videos , updates, training sessions, joviality and jokes (Tommys own), its gona be a roller-coaster ride!


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