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How can Warm Wax Therapy help me?

Dianne Ashcroft treating a patient with warm wax therapy

Are you suffering with dry cracked heels, aching stiff joints or soreness in your feet?  Warm Wax Therapy can help you. A luxurious feeling treatment, utilising the soothing and softening properties of heated paraffin wax. Your painful, aching joints are eased and irritated chilblains are pacified by gently applying warm wax…

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“What’s the best treatment for a Verruca?” the unwanted truth

Verrucae viewed through a dermascope

How to get rid of a Verruca: assessing the risks versus the benefits. “What is the best treatment for a Verruca?” and How to get rid of a verruca are questions I get asked a lot, sadly the truth is most people don’t want to hear the difficult answer . Why?…

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"Chilblains? I thought they died out in the war!"


Myths we hear people say about chilblains: “I can’t have chilblains because I don’t have a fire” “Chilblains? I thought they died out in the war!” “I can’t have chilblains because they don’t ever itch and chilblains itch don’t they?” What are Chilblains? Chilblains are small, swollen, reddened areas of skin: typically on…

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I love a Trichophyton Rubrum (Athletes foot) success story!

A foot with a fungal infection

What is Trychophyton Rubrum? (Athletes foot) It is fancy latin name describing the fungal organism that causes fungal foot infection or athletes foot, or : Tinea Pedis (more latin) When you look at this picture what do you see? Dry, chalky white, flaky skin, yes? You might reasonably think it’s…

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